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The city government of Calaca is currently working on updating its Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP), which is essential in determining the development objectives of Calaca for the next nine years. Creating a new master plan is a crucial task for the city government as it has a direct impact on the welfare and sustainability of the newly established component city. 


Calaca City’s CLUP would aim to achieve sustainable growth by considering environmental impact, infrastructure capacity, and resource availability, which reduces strain on resources and helps mitigate climate change.


The current Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) of the city, which was based on the CLUP, focuses on the primary sectors of economic, social, institutional, environmental, and infrastructure. Its highlights are the programs, projects, and activities (PPAs) that are calculated to bring the needed services by the Calacazens. It gives greater priority to various services in agriculture, health, and education that empower and enable the citizenry to participate in economic activities. Infrastructure development is also among the thrusts of the city to see to it that the physical environment would be able to catch up with its elevated status as a city. Beautification and enhancement projects are on the way for the different places in the city. The review and updating of the organizational structure and management system, to respond to the growing needs of public service delivery, is also being prioritized through the creation of additional plantilla positions and computerization of systems in different departments, especially the critical ones. 


As part of its CLUP and CDP implementation, Calaca City entered a partnership with the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development (DHSUD) and the University of the Philippines Los Baños, to prepare a Local Shelter Plan (LSP). The LSP aims to provide a foundation for a housing project that will assist homeless citizens of Calaca City. The project is expected to launch in December 2023, and a memorandum of understanding and agreement respectively, have been inked for this purpose.


One crucial aspect of these plans is to decrease poverty by establishing support systems that promote growth, offer employment, construct housing projects, cultivate investment opportunities, improve mobility, and advance tourism. Private-public partnerships can help develop these systems and achieve sustainable growth for many years.


Proper urban planning can attract businesses and investments, and promote economic growth and job creation through the establishment of commercial and industrial zones that foster entrepreneurship and innovation.


Efficient transportation planning promotes public transport and non-motorized modes of transportation, reducing congestion, avoiding pollution, and improving mobility.


Calaca City’s development plans take a long-term perspective, ensuring that its programs are developed with consideration for the needs of future generations. This prevents short-term decision-making that may result in future issues.

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