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The City of Calaca is eagerly anticipating the arrival of its inaugural class of college students for the upcoming academic year starting on September 18th. This momentous occasion coincides with the Calaca’s first anniversary of being a city and the opening of its very own college. It is a proud moment for the city to welcome students to their new educational institution.


The current mayor, Sofronio “Nas” Ona Jr., is fulfilling a long-held aspiration by offering free college education to deserving young students in Calaca. Calaca City Global College (CCGC) is accepting 400 qualified Calaca residents to continue their higher education. The city government has pledged to allot 3% of its national tax budget annually to maintain the college’s operations, which amounts to about 20 million each year from its general fund.


Targeted students are those who cannot afford college tuition and daily education expenses. This provides inclusive education for young citizens, especially after the pandemic’s economic challenges.


At CCGC, students have the opportunity to pursue a variety of career paths with its initial course offerings. These include Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Bachelor of Public Administration, Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship, and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. The course selection was determined by a study aimed at identifying the most relevant and in-demand career paths in today’s job market. In the future, it plans to expand its course offerings to include highly sought-after programs such as BS Criminology and BS Engineering, among others.


In addition, the City of Calaca has invested 30 million in infrastructure to renovate and redesign an existing structure owned by the city government, making it suitable for academic purposes and meeting the standards set by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). The College offers 12 rooms, which include a library, a clinic, and a computer laboratory, in addition to classrooms for student use. Additionally, it is situated next to a newly constructed auditorium that will be used for student activities and events, as well as a gymnasium.


Dr. Raymund Arcega has been appointed as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Supervising Consultant for Calaca City. He also holds the positions of President of Local Colleges and Universities, and Chairman of the National Network for Quality Assurance (NNQA). These roles ensure the high quality of the educational programs offered at CCGC.


The faculty at CCGC consists of experienced professors who will play a crucial role in designing the curriculum. It plans to invite visiting professors from top universities across the National Capital Region to handle the courses in the city college. 


During a recent visit by Dr. Virginia D. Aklate, CESO II, Director IV, Commission on Higher Education Region IV-A, she expressed positive feedback and encouraged CCGC to fulfill all requirements for the school’s timely opening this year.


The existence of the CCGC is evidence of how Calaca becoming a city has facilitated this project and is now progressing towards improving facilities for its citizens. With extra funds, the city administration can now undertake more projects to enhance the living conditions of the people of Calaca.

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