City of Calaca as Stronghold of Faithfulness for Calacazens

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The City Government of Calaca aims to become a City of Character by promoting the desirable traits of its citizens. The government aims to enhance citizens’ understanding of the 12 Character Traits that are critical for sustainable development.


During January, the city highlighted the character trait of Faithfulness. As a kick-off activity for the Character City Program, a Color Fun Run was conducted with the theme Takbong Calacan, Takbo ng Katapatan. The program was attended by employees from the City Government of Calaca, DepEd Calaca Sub-Office, and barangay officials.


It is interesting to note that after the Character City Program, a participant sent a message to the Gawang Calaca PIO page. In the message, he shared that he and his son were exploring the area before the Kick-Off Activity when they found a 500 peso bill lying on the ground. The participant immediately picked it up and voluntarily reported it to the authorities, which reflects the trait of Faithfulness being celebrated for the month.


An activity that aligns with the character trait of Faithfulness is the FaMEALyahan. The goal of this activity, in cooperation with the DepEd Calaca Sub-Office, is to promote a happy and strong foundation for families through mealtimes. Mealtimes provide an opportunity for open communication and deeper connections among family members. It’s a perfect time to bond after a tiring day at work or school. 


Building one’s character takes time and effort, but with the Character City Program, people will eventually develop the 12 Character Traits needed to be a well-rounded Calacazen.

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