Nasa Tiyaga

Kabuhayang Mag-aangat sa Calacazen

The Calacazen’s innate industriousness is supported by funding for proposed livelihood or income-generating projects delivered through the NASA TIYAGA program. In this program, funding is awarded to various livelihood organizations with the goal of developing micro-enterprise among its members which will eventually lead to the development of cooperatives.

The City Assistance and Community Development (CACD) Office oversees the management and implementation of livelihood programs across the different organizations formed in the barangays. Poultry-raising, backyard piggeries, and dried fish processing are just some of the successfully launched livelihood projects under the NASA TIYAGA program which are sustained by the organizations.

Aside from the capital or fund augmentation and technical support provided to the members of the livelihood organizations, they are taught basic bookkeeping and business management to equip them with the needed skills to ensure a sustainable micro-enterprise.

The NASA TIYAGA program has helped improve the financial standing of its members thus providing a more long-term means of livelihood for hard-working Calacazens.

Program Snapshots Highlights: