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Municipality of Daraga, Albay on Orange Card Implementation

 January 2024 | by City of Calaca

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Last January 22, 2024, the City Government of Calaca whole-heartedly welcomed the Local Government of Daraga under the leadership of Hon. Carlwyn “Awin” Baldo together with his constituents from different offices; Ms. Romella Baldo, Executive Assistant; Ms. Salve Rufina Angela Morcoso, Executive Assistant; Dr. Edna Freya Tan, Municipal Health Officer; Ms. Maricel Ordinario, MSWDO; Ms. Maylene Siwa, PDO-MSWDO; Ms. Daisy Bracamonte, SWO I-MSWDO; Engr. Jeressa Dejucos, MPDC; Ms. Maria Muriel Galicia, GSO; Mr. Michael Margallo, BPLO; and Ms. Salvacion Paja, Municipal Budget Office-OIC.


During their visit, they focused on the implementation of the Orange Card program under the City Social Welfare and Development Office headed by Mrs. Maharani Babasa. Over the years, this program has progressed and continues to expand the benefits of health care for every family member since 2016. The members of the City Council attended the benchmarking in order to share the legislative requirements. City Health Officer Dra. Marjolyne Sharon Ona, Chairperson on Orange Card Monitoring Committee, also attended and explained the process of granting and usage of Orange Card. With this, the Local Government of Daraga is eager and motivated to do the same in their town.


This remarkable benchmarking only shows that the City Government of Calaca serves as an inspiration to other local governments and the programs being implemented are effective in improving the life of every Calacazen.

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