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Quality education is essential for the success of the younger generation. City Mayor Nas Ona had a vision of a dignified school in our city and one year after our cityhood, the Calaca City Global College (CCGC) was established. The college is committed to providing quality education and adheres to its tagline of “Learn Together, Live Great”. It aims to become an institution of strategic education, a beacon of learning, innovation, and excellence.


Embarking on the journey of turning one’s vision into reality is never an easy path to take. However, with the right people by your side, everything becomes possible. To establish a city college, the legislative body works with due diligence and prepares thorough research and legislative measures as prerequisites.


In the year 2022, a plebiscite was successfully conducted for the cityhood of Calaca. The cityhood status opened the door to the realization of a long-standing dream of having a city college. On September 3, 2023, as we celebrated the first anniversary of the cityhood, the Calaca City Global College was inaugurated. It was a day of celebration and gratitude as we moved closer to the fulfillment of our vision. The momentous occasion was graced by the presence of highly respected guests namely, Hon. Sen. Francis “Tol” Tolentino, Senator, Republic of the Philippines, Hon. Socorro Alicia “Cory” Quirino, President of Mutya ng Pilipinas Inc., and Hon. Dr. Virginia Akiate, CESO III, CHEDRO IV Regional Director.


CCGC offers four (4) academic programs which are Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Bachelor of Public Administration, Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship, and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. 


CCGC has currently (10) personnel, with two (2) full-time, three (3) part-time, three (3) consultants, and the OIC President Dr. Dan Jefferson Lopez. It has two hundred ninety-six (296) enrolled college students who are taking their bachelor’s degree for free. 


Calaca City Mayor Nas Ona Jr. is determined to ensure that every student in Calaca receives a bachelor’s degree. His ultimate goal is to create a brighter future for their families and make them the beacon of hope for a better life, thus advocating for ‘one professional in every family’. To achieve this, the Mayor aims to increase the number of professional Calacazens who will make up a significant portion of our city’s workforce. This will lead to an influx of internally sourced professionals and a skilled labor force that will help develop and improve our beloved city.


Education plays a crucial role in an individual’s success. It has been the City Mayor’s vision to provide sustainable education to every youth, shaping them into skilled professionals. The dream of having a city college has now become a reality, and after four years, we will be able to congratulate 296 professionals.

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