Nasa Kariktan


Embark on a remarkable journey through the captivating landscapes of Calaca City, Batangas! The sea and the picturesque views of the mountains and fields calm the minds of the onlookers. Allow yourself to be swept away by the vibrant pulse of the City of Character, where the embrace of agriculture intertwines with the noble cause of industrial advancements. Immerse deeply into the culture and traditions, bask in the warm camaraderie of Calacazens, and experience the heartwarming sense of community that defines this city.

As you navigate through the joyous and significant festivals and lively events all throughout the year—Corrida de Cavalos, Calacatchara Festival, Cityhood Anniversary, Feria Octubre de Rafael, and Paskuhan—you’ll discover that the deep sense of faithfulness, innovation, inclusivity, and unison is well within each Calacazen. As you engage in the festivities, you will feel that Calaca City gives off that welcoming sensation that what being home feels like.

Atcharang Calaca, loming Calaca, empanada, tablea, sinaing na isda, and kapeng barako among others will give gastronomic experience that will make one say, “more!” The terrains in the upland area are perfect for bikers and enthusiasts alike, as well as for photographers. The homestay industry in the northern part of the city is thriving. The barangays are rich in agricultural produce because farming is also one major source of livelihood. The faith tourism is also well in the city, with diverse beliefs received and respected.

Visiting Calaca City allows tourists to embrace its dynamic and enjoyable vibe. One thing is for sure, the City of Calaca, a Character City, will grow on people.

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