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The mandate of the Business Permits and Licensing Office focuses primarily on the regulation of all local business establishments starting from registrations to operations. In fulfillment of this mandate, the office undertakes business tax assessment, issuance of business permits and licenses monitoring and imposition of mandatory standards to ensure compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations. The aforementioned activities are adhered to in order to protect the interest of the public and to promote commercial activity for the general welfare of the people of Calaca.


An office that value professionalism aimed at strengthening an effective growth in business tax collection for a more progressive city hall.


To attain maximum satisfaction of tax collection.

List of Services and Programs

Business Registration of Newly Started Business Establishments

Business Registration of Renewed Business Establishment

Business registration for walk-in contractor/sub-contractor and other related activities


Mrs. May G. Ontangco



Since July 2020, Ms. Ontangco performs the duties and responsibilities of a Licensing Officer. Her degree in Accountancy,  as well as her twelve years of solid accounting experience in private corporations, equipped her with the skills needed for the role. Moreover, she also served in the Municipal Accounting Office before being the Licensing Officer. Ms. Ontangco is also a Licensed Professional Teacher and was recognized as one of the promising educators in 1992 by the Office of the Mayor.

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