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The Calaca City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office operates under the mandate to enhance the city’s resilience against disasters. Empowered by local legislation and national guidelines, our mandate is to lead, coordinate, and implement comprehensive disaster risk reduction and management initiatives. We are committed to protecting lives, preserving property, and fostering sustainable development in collaboration with the community and various stakeholders.


A resilient and thriving City of Calaca, where every Calacazen, community, and ecosystem is prepared, adaptive, and secure in the face of disasters. The Calaca City DRRMO envisions a future where collaboration, knowledge, and state-of-the-art technology come together to minimize risks, enhance response capabilities, and build a community that flourishes despite challenges. Our vision is to create a city that serves as a beacon of resilience, setting the standard for disaster risk reduction and management nationwide.


 To proactively safeguard the lives, property, and environment of the City of Calaca, the CDRRMO is dedicated to planning, coordinating, and implementing effective disaster risk reduction and management strategies. Through community engagement, capacity building, and innovative solutions, we aim to create a resilient city that can withstand and recover from the impact of disasters, ensuring the well-being of our residents and contributing to sustainable development.

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Mrs. Anna Katrina Perez



Ms. Perez has been in the government service for 13 years. As a nursing graduate and a former nurse in the City Health Office, she is adept in operations that involve community and life support, risk assessment and management which make her a highly competent OIC of CDRRMO. She leads by example and is always on top of situations for the safety of all Calacazens.

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