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The Office of the City Mayor- Market & Slaughterhouse performs under the direction of the City Mayor by exercising the administrative functions on the affair of city market. Recommends and introduces measures on significant improvement that is necessary to reinforce revenue collection and financial capability of the city.


To establish and maintain the operation of public market as service and economic arm of the City Government.


To provide quality public services that include clean, secured, orderly, priced-monitored public market.

List of Services and Programs


Mr. Allan C. Gatdula



From 2006 to 2013, Mr. Gatdula gained relevant experience as a Credit Supervisor and Legal Account Officer at Bank of Makati Inc. His experience is not only limited to financial management, but he also became a public school teacher and practiced his profession in the succeeding three years. He also served as a registrar for five years at Calaca Senior High school. A decade of learning and experience in one of the country’s financial powerhouses and the Department of Education made it possible for him to acquire the level of caliber and experience that eventually led to him taking on the mantle as Market Supervisor IV of Calaca Public Market at present.

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