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The City Assessor’s Office within the local government is a governmental department entrusted with the responsibility of evaluating and appraising real estate properties within its jurisdiction for the purpose of property taxation. This department holds a pivotal role in ascertaining the just market value of properties, a factor that subsequently impacts the property tax obligations of property owners. 

The Assessor’s Office stands as an indispensable pillar of local government functions. Its actions directly shape the revenue generation necessary to support public services, including educational institutions, infrastructure development, public safety initiatives and more. Through its commitment to precise property assessments and the pursuit of equitable taxation, the Assessor’s Office assumes an important role in upholding the fiscal well-being of the local government unit while steadfastly serving the best interests of its community.


We envision the City Assessor’s Office of Calaca City, to be an office of Noble, Active and Service-oriented personnel committed to perform the duties and responsibilities to enhance local revenue generation through efficient and effective real property appraisal and assessment operations.


To appraise and assess correctly and accurately all real property units within the territorial jurisdiction of the City of Calaca by highly-skilled and dedicated City Assessor’s personnel, leading to improved local revenue generation of the city.

List of Services and Programs


  • Providing certified copies of assessment records for real property and all related assessment documents to any interested party upon request, subject to the payment of a service charge or fee including current real property tax to the treasurer, as is often necessary for property transactions.

    a. Certified Machine Copy of Tax Declaration

    b. Certified Photocopy copy of Tax Declaration from the office file,

    c. Certified Photocopy copy of Supporting Documents from the office file

    d. Certification of Property Holdings

    e. Certification of No Property Holding

    f. Certification of No Improvement

    g. Certification of With Improvement

    h. Certification of Non-Mortgage and Incumbrances

    i. Certification of No Property

    j. Certification of Adjoining Owners

    k. Certification of Tax Exemption

    l. Certification of Property History

    m. Other services such as annotation/cancellation of mortgage and other encumbrances.

  • The meticulous and up-to-date management of property ownership records, encompassing changes in ownership, property transfers and related transactions to ensure the integrity of property ownership data.

  • Managing legal documents related to properties, such as deeds, surveys and land titles. These documents serve to validate property boundaries and ownership, safeguarding the integrity of property records to verify property boundaries and ownership.

  • The process of scanning and converting physical paper records into electronic formats to facilitate convenient retrieval and ensure their long-term preservation.

  • Generating list of assessment data for the annual assessment roll, which encompasses a comprehensive listing of all assessed properties and their respective valuations.

  • Collaborating closely with the tax collector’s office by furnishing accurate property data essential for tax billing and efficient collection procedures.


  • Creating and maintaining a system of tax maps, base maps and other related maps that delineate property boundaries, parcel numbers and other essential details for tax assessment purposes.

  • Conducts field inspection for identification of property location, ownership and improvements. Allocating exclusive identifiers or parcel numbers to each property to streamline precise assessment and taxation processes.

  • Generating maps and data for the annual tax map roll, which encompasses a comprehensive listing of all assessed properties and their respective valuations.

  • Request for Tax Map, Vicinity Map and Verification of Map.

  • Providing information and assistance to the public, including property owners, regarding property assessment, taxation, property tie-up and other related matters.


  • Transfer of Ownership

  • Segregation/Consolidation

  • New Assessment; Reassessment of House/Building, Machines and Other Structures

  • Correction/Updating

  • New Declaration for Land

  • Cancellation of Assessment

  • Annotation

  • Conduct ocular inspection and validation of all Real property units such as parcels of land, buildings, machinery, improvements and any other structures within the jurisdiction for purposes of appraisal, application of appropriate valuation, assessment and taxation.

  • Conducting periodic reassessments in accordance with the Real Property Tax Code to account for changes in property values over time and to maintain tax fairness.

  • Managing property tax exemptions and deductions for eligible individuals, organizations, or properties in compliance with local tax laws.

  • Allowing property owners to update information related to their properties, such as changes in property use or improvements.

  • Analyzing recent sales of comparable properties in the local real estate market to determine property values. Prepared for various purposes, including mortgage lending, property sales, property tax assessments, estate planning and legal disputes. The report serves as a crucial tool for property owners, buyers, lenders, and other stakeholders to make informed decisions regarding real property.

  • The systematic compilation and subsequent reporting of property assessment data to local government authorities, auditors and other pertinent stakeholders. This practice ensures the transparency and accountability of property assessment procedures.

  • Updating of schedule of the fair market values for different classes of real properties in preparation for the upcoming revision of assessments.

  • The provision of accessible information and support to the public, including property owners. This encompasses inquiries related to property assessment, taxation and related matters, promoting transparency and assisting constituents in navigating these processes effectively.

  • The administration of assessment appeals submitted by property owners who contest the assessed value of their properties. This process is designed to guarantee a fair and transparent resolution of disputes.


Mr. Apolinario M. Catapang



A dedicated professional with a Bachelor of Science in Commerce degree, his journey in public service began in 1992 as part of the City Government of Batangas. For three decades, he contributed his skills and expertise to various roles within the government, striving to make a positive impact on the community. In his tenure with the City Government of Batangas, he undertook diverse responsibilities and played a crucial role in enhancing public services. Sir Pol joined the City Government of Calaca in December 2022. As the City Assessor, he is devoted to leveraging his experience and knowledge to ensure fair and accurate property assessments contribute to the growth and development of the city. 

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