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The City General Services Office formulates measures for the consideration of the City Council and provide technical assistance and support to the City Mayor in carrying out measures to ensure the delivery of basic services and provision of adequate facilities which require general services expertise and technical support services. Manages physical resources and logistical functions to include procurement and contracting, warehouse operations, inventory of property, leasing services, travel and transportation and space management.


Aims to be an office which is concerned with the total well-being of its employees, dedicated to procure quality goods and services, providing cost effective support services, determined to systematize records management and committed to effectively manage and maintain the assets of the city hall.


Provide leadership in managing facilities, equipment, supplies, maintenance and other services including the community in safe, reliable and efficient manner.

List of Services and Programs

  • We provide trip ticket to properly document the travel of employees on official trip using the government service vehicles.

  • We regularly registered all vehicles to LTO as well as the insurance to GSIS.

  • We process the fuel consumption of all motor vehicles semimonthly.

  • Regularly check the maintenance and cleanliness of all vehicles

  • Insurance of City Hall, Market Building I & II and Ospital ng Calaca.

  • Procurement Planning

  • Procurement of Supplies and Property Conducted market study for the needed supplies, office equipment, ICT equipment, books/journals, furniture and fixtures needed by all offices.

  • Storekeeping of Common use Supplies

  • Acceptance and Delivery of supplies

  • Utilization and Distribution of Supplies and Property

  • Processing of payments of supplies delivered.

  • Disposal of Properties

  • Inventory of Property Plant and Equipment After Acceptance of deliveries, we issued Acknowledgement Receipt of Equipment or Inventory Custodian Slip to accountable persons.

  • Monitored and processed all accounts of mobile, telephone and internet

  • Oversee the general cleaning and maintenance of the City Hall.

  • Provided assistance if in need of food, chairs, tables, barricades and tents in various events.

  • Reservation of Training Room and Auditorium


Mrs. Maridy Manalo



Ms. Manalo has been on top of the provision of general and special services needs of the local government for ten years and counting. Reliable, efficient, and well-organized, these traits allow her to seamlessly execute her duties. She has experienced carrying out administrative tasks prior to being a public servant and took up her bachelor’s degree in business administration at the Letran College in Manila.

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