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The City Civil Registrar’s Office is responsible for the continuous and permanent recording of the occurrences and characteristics of vital events in accordance with the legal requirements in the City of Calaca.


To have all Calacazens documented and to register changes to vital events in their lives, and to achieve an utmost quality civil registration services by having their records accessible via technology and accepted anywhere in the world.


Efficiently serve every Calacazen and effectively safe keep, register, and issue all civil registry documents, which events ocurred in the City of Calaca with the cooperation of all stakeholders in accordance with civil registry laws.

List of Services and Programs


Mrs. Ma. Cristina M. Delos Reyes



Since 2009 as the head of the Civil Registrar Office, Ms. Delos Reyes and her office have received several recognitions for their commendable and efficient services in implementing civil registration programs. She has also held subordinate positions for eleven years before being the City Civil Registrar that contributed to her immense knowledge in said field. Ms. Delos Reyes is a graduate of Bachelor in Journalism at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

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